Everyone needs a cheerleader

Mercy found a couple of cheerleading pompoms at the Goodwill store this week. When I came home from work I was greeted with an enthusiastic cheer—“Yea, Daddy! Yea, Daddy!” The next morning I had a cheerleader as I brushed my teeth—“Go, Daddy! Go, Daddy!”

Cheerleading pompoms from Goodwill: one dollar. Having your own personal cheerleader: priceless.

Everyone needs a cheerleader. Someone who keeps you motivated when you’re running on empty. Someone to remind you of why you do what you do. Someone who lifts you up when you’re feeling down. Someone who says “I love you” or offers a hug at just the right moment.

I have that someone. I could do without the pompoms in my face but I love her spirit.

Whose cheerleader can you be today? Start with your spouse. Start with your kids. No pompoms required.